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We are a Non-Profit

Support our mission: Goochland Day is a family fun community event for everyone with support from Goochland County Public schools and community services organizations. In the coming years, we hope to get approved funding from the county, but until then, the foundation remains community funded.


We have 5 tiers of Sponsorship:
DIAMOND - $5,000
PLATINUM - $2,500
GOLD - $1,500
SILVER - $1,000
BRONZE - $500
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Our Dedicated Team

The foundation is community funded - We are board members and committed community volunteers.

Carey Stagg


Annette Jones

Vice President, Parade Chair

Elizabeth Nelson-Lyda


Crystal Johnson


Chris Subudhi

IT and Web Design

Gracie Jones

Volunteer Coordinator

Janet Neterer

Fundraiser Chair

Terry Hazelton

Music Director

Mariah Leonard

County Facilities Coordinator

Courtney Subudhi

Goochland Games and Sponsors Chair

Jodi Elrod

GCPS Coordinator

Michelle Emann


Mike Haley


About Us

We look forward to all the community support for this great event! If there is anything you would like to see, please message us and let’s talk about making it happen.

The event is free to the constituents of Goochland County, with only food, drink, and vendor purchases being available for sale. The purpose of Goochland Day is to bring people together for a day of family fun and merriment and to help foster and nurture Goochland’s strong sense of community. The people of Goochland are proud that we are a tight-knit community, and this event serves as a venue to continue to solidify and fortify the bond within the community by supporting local families and businesses.

We need as many community volunteers as possible to make this great event a success. 

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